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Scaffolding Yourself to Better Decisions

            When you look at a building under construction, you generally see scaffolding. Without this initial structure, tradesmen would have an impossible time erecting the walls.             Educators use the word differently. To them, scaffolding is the process students practice as they build their knowledge based on […]

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Discernment, Discomfort and Making the Best Decisions

            Sounds a little weird, doesn’t it? Here’s the deal. The smart decision makers I‘ve interviewed all mentioned some forms of discernment and discomfort in the stories they told me about become successful at making the best choices. Let’s talk about them one at a time.             […]

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Decision Making and the Dangers of Depersonalization

            Google, Amazon, Facebook and others spend a good portion of their treasure gathering data about our behaviors, desires and interests. They sell this information to firms who try to anticipate these proclivities and sell us their products and services. Most people find this intense personalization both […]

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Calculated Risk and Good Decisions

Good decision makers know that there is always the chance for failure in what seems to be sure thing. They also know that there is always the chance for success in what appears to be an utter failure. But it is the tension between these two that […]

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What Lazy Decision Making Did to the Help Desk

We’ve all been through it. We need help with our smart phone or other device. We go on-line and click “support.” We answer five questions, click on the submit button and assigned a case number. A while later, someone sends a response asking questions for clarification. We […]

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Window Washers, Economics and Decision Making

I spend a great deal of time writing in coffee shops. On occasion, I’ll chat up the contract window washers who keep everything sparkling. As much as some in society look down on those performing manual tasks, it helps to ask a few questions before passing judgment […]

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Is This Decision Making at Today’s Hostess Desk?

We walked into a restaurant and requested a table for three. The hostess said she couldn’t seat us because there were none available. We looked around and counted seven empty tables. It was 8:30PM. I asked why we couldn’t sit at one of those. “They haven’t been […]

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The Decision Making Tension between Orwell and Huxley

Over the past several years, I have been studying the evolving societal influences on our decision making. Some of these forces have people yelling “big brother.” Others spend their lives seeking entertainment and convenience. Three decades ago, Dr. Neil Postman explained this tension in his seminal book, […]

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Decision Making and the Shake Machine

Sean is an assistant manager at my local McDonald’s. The other day, I heard him grousing about the shake machine, which seems to break down three or four times a week. Each time this happens, he ends up dealing with disappointed customers and making amends with coupons […]

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You Click, iSwipe : Generations Camp Where They’re Most Comfortable

From PCs to Google Glass, the 21st Century has birthed an evolution of digital technology resulting in a striking difference between the way people of different generations use it at work.   This difference serves as a line of demarcation that runs between two camps of employees: […]

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