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Hire People Who Think

Hire People Who Think

Hire People Who ThinkWhen it comes to hiring, most people applying for a position are “qualified” for the job. Sure, there are exceptions for technical and licensed specialties. But even in those cases, people who don’t possess the credential wouldn’t bother to apply in the first place. So that leaves you once again with those who are all qualified for the position. Hiring people is not about determining qualifications. Hiring people is about figuring out how people think. After all, if everyone is qualified how do you tell who is the best match for the position? Figuring out how people think can be divided into three broad categories:

1) How people approach the specific tasks the job entails. 2) How people solve problems, especially the ambiguous ones that life throws at all of us. 3) How people approach and nurture relationships.

An effective interview consists of getting each candidate to display all of these behaviors. Simply asking questions about how they would behave is not enough. As we all know, actions speak louder than words. So if you want to get inside the heads of your candidates, you have to create environments where they will display how they think. Create situations they have to live through. Ask them to perform the tasks they say they can.  “You say you can handle difficult customers? Show us how you handle these? You say you’re great at telesales? Here’s the phone and our script. Study it for a few minutes and then drum up some prospects.” Is this more time consuming? Yes. Can it be more intense? Sure. Will you have more “qualified” people abandon the process? Absolutely. But you didn’t want those people in the first place. Hiring is about taking a gamble — a $20, 000, $30,000, $50,000 ,$70,000, even $100,000 gamble. Why would you simply believe what a candidate says? Put each one to the test and you’ll sleep easier in the long run.

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